Disc Jockey .. Photo Booth .. Up Lighting
3754 Foskett Road / Medina, OH 44256
Phone: 330-723-8002

Unlimited time so the music can play as long as you want, without the expense and inconvenience of an overtime charge.

Crowd Participation to keep the dance floor full all night long and give your guests a night to remember.

Clean cut DJ in tuxedo for the professional look everyone should expect.

Cordless microphone so the toast and blessing can be made from anywhere in the room.

Over 30,000 songs blending just the right variety of music so all the different guests can hear something they like.

Professional sound system which not only sounds good but looks good and blends in with any decor. (No Signs or Banners)

Large variety of music for the varied tastes of all your guests who may have a request for that special song.

Sensitive to the music level so your guests can carry on a conversation without having to shout at one another during dinner.

Professional light show which adds to the feeling of excitement and fun on the dance floor.

Map to the church & hall go in with your invitations so guests from out of town can find the church and reception location.

Online wedding planner for that out of town couple who needs to communicate with us over the internet.

Reception planning sessions help our couples customize their receptions with the songs and special events they want.

Organized agenda to keep the night running smooth with all the other service providers. Photographer, Hall etc...

All announcements so the bride and groom can just show up and have a great time enjoying the music and fun.

Flat rate pricing helps take some confusion out of the wedding shopping experience.

15 years of experience as full time wedding DJs insures everything runs smoothly and the dance floor stays full.

Fun Fun Fun for the bride and groom and there guests enjoying a great mix of music all night long.

For Availability call 330-723-8002